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Reliable and Responsible Garden Waste Collection in All Melbourne Suburbs

If you need green waste removal at your property, contact Great Rubbish – the friendliest waste removal team in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on providing the very best garden waste removal service at the lowest price.

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What Makes Us Great?

  • Everything we collect is sorted and disposed of ethically and responsibly
  • Serving All Suburbs of Melbourne
  • Lowest Price Rubbish Removal
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Prompt, Reliable and Friendly Service
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What Can We Take?

Green Garden Waste Collection
Our green waste pick up can include removal of leaf litter, prunings, weeds and lawn clippings from your property

Branches and Prunings
All garden rubbish removal including tree branches, uprooted shrubs, piles of sticks, fallen tree limbs

Non-Green Garden Waste Removal
We do more than just green waste collection – we can take away bricks, rubble, rocks, stones, gravel and plant pots. We can also help dismantle and take away green houses and other larger items in your yard. Check out our backyard cleanup page for more information.

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Got a Big Pile? That’s Great!

Let our incredible team do the hard work with our cheap rubbish removal service

There’s never a job too big, too small or too hard for the team at Great Rubbish. We love what we do and helping our customers clear their space and making them look great is our passion.

We sort all the waste we collect to ensure it is properly disposed of in the most environmentally friendly and ethical way possible.

Do You Offer Garden Rubbish Removal Near Me?

If you need garden waste removal anywhere in Greater Melbourne then the answer is yes! We service all the suburbs of Melbourne, anywhere and anytime and can help remove your green waste and any other junk removals from your outdoor spaces.

What types of properties do we collect green waste from?

We offer both domestic rubbish removal for your garden waste at your own home or your investment property, as well as commercial rubbish removal from your business or workplaces outdoor spaces, gardens and grounds. No job is too great for Great Rubbish.

Why does green waste need to be disposed of responsibly?

Green waste may be natural in origin, but if garden waste collection is disposed of incorrectly or simply dumped, it can cause problems and even damage our environment.

At Great Rubbish, we want to see zero green waste going to landfill. We are already taking up too much space on our planet with inorganic waste and junk, and green waste does not need to be added to those piles and creating larger landfill sites.

If a garden waste removal business simply dumps its green waste somewhere and leaves it to rot, the decomposing process can release greenhouse gases which are harmful to the planet and impact climate change. If we dispose of green waste correctly, we can avoid the decomposition which leads to the release of this gas.

Green waste collections left unattended can also attract unwanted pests to your property, including insects and rodents. On the other side of the coin, if your green waste has been chemically treated for weed prevention or pest deterrent, if disposed of improperly these harmful chemicals can leach out of the garden waste and may find their way into places they should not be, harming native plants and animals and polluting our waterways.

We believe in the responsible disposal of all waste, including green waste.

Other junk we can remove from your garden

We understand that our outdoor spaces can quickly become a dumping ground for all kinds of junk. If you have hard rubbish in the garden that needs to be removed, or general waste around your property – give us a call and we’ll take it all away and leave your outdoor space sparkling.

I have mixture of green waste and non-green waste

That’s fine – we will sort everything and ensure that any green waste removed from your property is repurposed where possible, and otherwise disposed of ethically. We will separate any non-green garden waste and recycle or reclaim what we can, and responsibly dispose of any unsalvageable waste correctly.

If you have a mix of waste outside at your place that you want gone – check out our complete backyard cleanup service. We’ll come to you and do all the hard work, we can remove tree stumps, large branches, leftover builders materials, fence posts, logs, old pot plants and really anything else you need off your property!

I need garden waste removal near me – and I need it today! Do you offer same day collections?

Yes, we can help get your garden looking great – fast. Great Rubbish offers same-day garden waste collection service. To book a same-day green waste removal job with Great Rubbish, please call us as early as possible to secure a collection timeslot.

We strive to provide cheap rubbish removals in Melbourne that are reliable and responsible. Our team are friendly, hard working and will get the job done with a smile.

For an obligation-free quote for your garden waste collection, contact the friendliest green waste pickup and rubbish removal team in town – Great Rubbish.

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